Why aren’t the OC Democrats trying to take out Carlos Bustamante?

arlos And the Trannies

In all the brouhaha that erupted when Santa Ana Councilman Carlos Bustamante made his now infamous sexist remarks after the appointment of Sandra Hutchens as our new O.C. Sheriff, we forgot to ponder a simple but important question. Why isn’t the Democratic Party of Orange County trying to take out Bustamante? He is a Republican. He is up for reelection this November. He is as of now unchallenged. What gives?

All of the Santa Ana Council members are Democrats, except Bustamante. Wouldn’t the DPOC like to brag about ALL of the Council Members being Democrats? You would think so.

The problem is that Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido has a man-crush on Bustamante. Pulido backed him last year against Tom Umberg, the endorsed Democrat, for the First Supervisorial District. So did most of Pulido’s cabal. And Bustamante still got his a** kicked. His loss was so spectacular that it took your breath away. You would think the DPOC would want to take out this lamest of ducks. Alas you would be wrong.

Now Bustamante is reeling from the outcry against his sexist remarks. And the DPOC is silent. They are allowing an easy opportunity to slip away. They need to get with the program – recruit a candidate and take out Bustamante!

The irony about Bustamante’s sexist remarks is that when Pulido and Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle held a fundraiser for him during his supervisorial campaign, he actually got up and compared himself to Forrest Gump! Bustamante said at the time that he has been in the right place at the right time throughout his life, just like Gump. If you scrutinize that comment, what he is saying is he is not sure why he keeps getting promoted. But all his life he has been moved up the chain of command…while not deserving it! Unlike Hutchens who IS eminently qualified to be our Sheriff!

The DPOC also needs to find a good Democrat to run for the neighboring Garden Grove City Council. Paul Lucas is the best they can do? Are you kidding me? I heard today that he finally got a job…at Costco. Now that makes sense, if it is true. Lucas has that Costco look. I could see him in a Costco uniform. But we are to believe that Costco Lucas is the best candidate the Democrats can find for the Garden Grove City Council? Are you kidding me?

Does DPOC Chairman Frank Barbaro need to wake up? I think so. If you would like to ask him to get off his butt and start looking for candidates to take out Bustamante and sweep aside Lucas, you can email him at this link. Wake up Frank! Your party just ran a lame Trannie for the Board of Supervisors – and he got trounced. Now you are taking a pass instead of going after the sexist Bustamante? What is up Frank? Get to work!

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