What will happen to the millions indicted Henry Nicholas pledged to the SAUSD?

Henry Nicholas had a layer underneath his house, where guests indulged in drugs and sex

I reported in March of this year that indicted rich guy Henry Nicholas pledged “$10 Million to free after-school tutoring for low income high potential high school students.” But now that Nicholas has been indicted for “doling out drugs and prostitutes as part of a freewheeling lifestyle,” according to the L.A. Times, what will happen to his pledged donation to the SAUSD? And does the SAUSD even want to accept his money now? I mean what kind of role model is this pervy criminal?

All of this begs the question of why the SAUSD even accepted his pledge while he was under investigation? Look at the picture above. According to documents the L.A. Times looked at, Nicholas created a hidden lair underground where he and his guests could have fun with prostitutes (Online Source). Is that really the sort of guy the district should have been getting in bed with? What does this say about our current SAUSD School Board?

What a sad state of affairs…I wonder if Nicholas also contributed to the fraudulent SAUSD Measure G tax increase campaign?

Shouldn’t current SAUSD Board President Jose Hernandez apologize on behalf of the Board for letting Nicholas sucker them?

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