What if Harry Sidhu had run as a moderate Republican?

Harry Sidhu and his family

The L.A. Times features an article today about the contest between Republicans Mimi Walters and Harry Sidhu, for the 33rd State Senate District, which is currently held by Dick Ackerman.

The article doesn’t make any new revelations, but check out this excerpt, “Sidhu received campaign contributions from the Orange County Employees Assn. and was endorsed by the Log Cabin Republicans, a group that champions gay rights as part of a conservative agenda.”

Interesting. I can’t help but wonder, what if Harry Sidhu had run as a moderate, instead of running as yet another knuckle-dragging conservative troglodyte?

Think about it. Sidhu would have been terribly compelling. An immigrant himself, he could have talked about the positive contributions that immigrants make to this country, instead of attacking immigrants, which is what both Sidhu and Walters did.

Sidhu in fact owns three Pollo Loco restaurants – where he has been distributing campaign messages. Who do you think works at those restaurants? And Sidhu is just as brown as his workers likely are! How often do O.C. Republicans have a chance to vote for someone who is not lily white?

Sidhu pointed out in the Times article that Walters represents a very small city, which is true. Sidhu is on the Anaheim City Council. Anaheim is one of the biggest cities in Orange County – and it is actually well managed, as compared to Santa Ana, where the City Clowncil is a joke. The 33rd Senate District does encompass a portion of Santa Ana, including my neighborhood.

As one would expect, Walters refused to be interviewed by the Times. That is typical of OC GOP hacks. I do not like politicians who are not approachable. It is their job to make themselves available to the public AND to the press.

Sidhu is by no means a perfect candidate, but Walters will just be another OC GOP machine legislator. Too bad Sidhu didn’t give the voters a chance to vote for someone different. I think a moderate message would have served him very well.

The bitter race between Sidhu and Walters underscores why the GOP is becoming extinct in California. Extremism works in gerrymandered districts, but independents and moderates have no reason to support extremists on either the left or the right.

I expect Walters to prevail. However I will be voting for Gary Pritchard, the Democratic candidate, in the general election. He at least is not a hard right nut case.

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