See “Fire-breathing Liberal” Wexler Tonight on Colbert Report!

No time to wax verbose today, but it should be worth everybody catching the great Florida Congressman Robert Wexler on the Colbert Report tonight. I have a feeling he’ll be talking about impeachment of Bush and Cheney, as he’s the strongest person in Congress on that issue aside from Dennis Kucinich (or Dee-Kooch as my hip-hop son fondly calls him.) And I imagine he’ll also be plugging his new, fittingly-titled book Fire-Breathing Liberal. And I imagine he’ll be funny too, like the first time he was on Colbert’s show, when, up for re-election, he (on a dare from Stephen) admitted on camera to “sniffing cocaine” and “using prositutes.”

Colbert: And why, sir, do you sniff cocaine and use prostitutes?

Wexler: Because… because it’s a fun thing to do.

Settle down, he doesn’t really do those things. Let’s use this thread to argue about impeachment instead – that’s something this fire-breathing liberal can get revved up about!

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