Two campaign measures backing away from Henry Nicholas III

Henry Nicholas III

It looks like Santa Ana Unified School District was not the only organization that took money from Henry Nicholas, the rich Republican campaign donor who was recently indicted for being “entangled in his own netherworld of prostitution, drug peddling, bribery and death threats,” according to the Sacramento Bee.

Apparently Nicholas, who singlehandedly defeated an attempt to reform our Three Strikes law, “is the financial force behind two crime initiatives voters will consider in November – one to stiffen anti-gang statutes and another to bolster victims’ rights. Combined, he has given the measures $5.9 million – critical seed money used to collect signatures to qualify for the ballot.”

Now that we all know how pervy Nicholas is, the “Proponents are furiously backpedaling away from Nicholas’ involvement – even though he is the largest donor to both campaigns.”

The two measures are called “Marsy’s Law” and “the Safe Neighborhoods Act.” Assemblyman Tod Spitzer has been and will continue to run the Marsy’s Law campaign. This law “would expand the rights of crime victims and make it harder for convicts to obtain parole.”

The Safe Neighborhoods Act “would stiffen penalties for gang members and increase law enforcement funding in the state.”

Neither campaign has given back the money Nicholas donated. Nor have I heard anything out of the SAUSD as to whether or not their relationship with Nicholas is over.

The downfall of Nicholas is something else. What a waste! He could have done so much good. In a way he is the comic book character Bruce Wayne gone bad. Instead of becoming Batman and fighting crime, he allegedly pulled an Elliot Spitzer and got hooked by pricey women if ill repute and drugs.

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