SAUSD screws up on teacher layoffs

Busted again! The Santa Ana Unified School District had to rescind almost 200 teacher layoffs after the lame district administrators found out that they had dated many of the teachers’ seniority dates incorrectly, according to the O.C. Register.

It figures that the district would screw this up – they hardly do anything correctly. What do you expect from a bankrupt school district that hired a Superintendent with no experience and no PhD in education? Garbage in, garbage out as they say.

“The teachers were all hired with provisional or emergency credentials. But their seniority dates were keyed to the date they received their full credential, not the date they started at the district,” according to the O.C. Register.

The SAUSD is $31 million in the hole. The City of Santa Ana is $28 million in the red. What a bunch of losers we have on the SAUSD School Board and the Santa Ana City Clowncil. No wonder Pulido and his lame Clowncil are so friendly with the SAUSD majority. They are all corrupt and inept.

And it is not going to get any better in November. The current crop of SAUSD School Board Members leaves much to be desired. Candidates include:

  • Rob Richardson, the SAUSD School Board Vice President. Under Rob’s “leadership” the SAUSD has sunk like the Titanic.
  • Jose Hernandez, the SAUSD School Board President. Jose said recently that the number one problem in the SAUSD is a lack of teachers. He said this even as he and his lame cohorts laid off hundreds of teachers, including a 2008 “teacher of the year.”
  • Mike Gonzalez, a Pulido hack who owns a security guard company and a suspect promotions company. Gonzalez tried to get appointed to a city commission recently and according to inside sources in City Hall his background check was less than flawless. Now he wants on to the school board? Yikes!
  • Valerie Amezcua. Daughter of ridiculous Rancho Santiago Community College District Trustee Al Amezcua. Val was a big backer of Measure G. So you can blame her for raising our property taxes in the middle of the Bush Depression!
  • Gloria Alvarado. Apparently works for the City of Santa Ana and is some kind of union hack. Great.
  • Irene Ibarra, a self-made businesswoman who worked for the City of Santa Ana early in her career. She is the only decent candidate at this point and has my full support.
  • Cecilia Aguinaga – Could not beat Audrey Noji in the last SAUSD election. Nuff said. Should not be running in this or any other political race. Backed by Sal Tinajero. Not good!
  • Roman Reyna – OMG.  This dude has no clue!

I will update this list as I come across new candidates. Right now it is a big bunch of “No Se Puede.”

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