Robert Bisno wants YOU to rip off your friends and family!

City Place is a rip off!

Robert Bisno, the greedy developer who built the overpriced condos at the City Place in north Santa Ana, is now so desperate to sell the rest of his units that he has launched a “fool your friends and family” campaign to entice folks into convincing their friends and family to buy these overpriced units.  Here is what a City Place email that I received had to say about this desperate program:

EASY MONEY – We are also still offering referral fees. Bring your friends to City Place and register them. When they close escrow, we will send you a check for $5,000!! This is a unique opportunity to become a part of the newest trend in true urban living. Live and work in one of the hottest locations in Orange County.

So there you go!  If your friends and family have money to burn be sure to direct them to City Place at 714-953-1353.  Don’t tell them they can buy better condos in Brea, Tustin and Irvine for less than the $750K Bisno is asking for.  I’m sure they rather move into a crime-ridden city with three bond measures inflating our property taxes.  And I am certain that our school district, Santa Ana Unified, which has a 60% drop-out rate and the worst administrators in the country, will attract wealthy families.  Don’t forget that two washed up actors recently shot scenes from a sure to flop movie at our Zoo!  $750K for a condo in Santa Ana?  What a deal!

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