Reflections on the dash between

2001- 2009

My long-time friend Art Pedroza suggested that this BLOG needed a national issues writer. I have stopped coming by often because I felt it lacked a truly strong conservative voice. But this challenge intrigued me, so I bit.

An introduction.

I have never voted for George W Bush. I worked on a conservative campaign against him in the 2000 General Election. First I was National Headquarters Chief of Staff, then as Web Manager. Since then, I have had little to do with politics as a hobby or a vocation.

Introductions and political philosophy spoken, with more to come later, I come now to the main topic of this written soliloquy…

George W Bush will be seen as one of our greatest Presidents.

Of course, yes, I know. He has neither restrained spending, nor limited governments reach into our lives. “We can do the welfare state better than the Democrats” has been the Compassionate Conservative refrain, and Liberalism-lite is no more effective than full-flavored Liberalism. We can go on and on about the things gone wrong. His inability to communicate effectively is maddening in an age where people faint in the presence of an effective speaker. I can’t watch a whole Press Conference and I live for Sunday morning programs.

We have beloved Presidents who couldn’t string two sentences together effectively. Some of our most cherished public speakers were not respected in their day. Lincoln spoke with a high-pitched Kentucky accent and, due to the nature of newspaper reporting of the day, his Gettysburg Address was reported as not-well received. Sounds familiar.

Now, George W is a southern Christian, so that immediately puts him outside the loop of those who manage the national conversation. And his malapropisms have somehow made him a target for elitists. But he doesn’t do it any more than any normal person. At least he doesn’t think there are 57 states, or that he’s talking to War Dead in the audience on Memorial Day. And if he’s such a nobody, such a low rated figure, why the hyperbole about his statements before the Israeli Parliament? Who cares, right?

So while we don’t have a President who looks to take care of us like we’re his children, and we wonder why he can’t make getting up in the morning seem easier, the events with which George W Bush has concerned himself and concentrated on are issues and events which will stay with us much longer than “nucular”. Those issues ebb and flow like the tide. In a decade, no one will think what happened “back when the DOW was only 10,000” will matter to their lives.

But he’s so unpopular.

On the eve of his departure from office, Harry Truman stood below 30% in popularity polls. He started the federal move towards Civil Rights that would not take root for another 10 years. Today, he is among the top ten Presidents.

But we are hated around the world.

I don’t want America loved. It’s not our purpose to be loved. Once we seek that as our goal, we cease being a moral leader. If we’re loved fine, if we’re not, we’re doing what’s right. The problem isn’t that we don’t agree with the rest of the world. It’s that the rest of the world doesn’t agree with us.

This “dummy” recently stood before the Economic Forum and spoke to Middle East leaders:

“Taking your place as a center of progress and achievement requires investing in your people. Some analysts believe the Middle East and North Africa will need to create up to 100 million new jobs over the next 10 to 15 years just to keep up with population growth. The key to realizing this goal is an educated workforce. This starts early on, with primary schools that teach basic skills, such as reading and math, rather than indoctrinating children with ideologies of hatred.”

What an astonishingly courageous act. This act, and the efforts to bring stability to an unstable region of the world, against political enemies incapable of even saying “Islamic Terror” will one day be respected and revered.

And finally, I think political dynamics in this country have changed dramatically. The irrational hatred of the Bush Presidency has exposed the Left Wing of America for what it is, a sclerotic political vision that truly feels America deserved 9/11. It’s a political vision that truly believes that all the past attempts to produce peace and prosperity have failed and has concluded that all things wrong in the world have been caused by trying to be right. Unless they’re suffering severe cognitive dissonance, few believe Bush is doing anything other than what he thinks is right. Which is why they so vehemently disagree.

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