R.E.D.(real estate diversion)Alert: Fabulous Floral Park

Floral park historical for sale

There are approximately 62 neighborhood associations in the city of Santa Ana.  Floral Park is arguably the most fabulous of all.  It is a neighborhood comprised of over 600 vintage homes built in the 1920’s- 1950’s.  Floral Park is home to judges, high powered attorneys, doctors, real estate agents, educators and business owners.   Missing from the membership list    – Mayor Pulido, city council members, board of education members and SAUSD’s superintendent.

Don’t look for the City Manager in Floral Park.  He lives in the hills of Coto de Casa.

coto de casaReam’s home improvement progress!  😉


The Floral Park Neighborhood Association (FPNA) has a fabulous website , fabulous events ,  fabulous supportive friends ,  and a fabulous bottom line with well over $100,000.00 in the general membership fund that fuels many events and helps to promote neighborhood concerns in the city of Santa Ana 

FPNA generously sponsors scholarships and non-profit organizations as well. 

Assigned SAUSD schools are Santiago Elementary, Willard Middle School and Santa Ana High School.

FP lights

Neighboring forums at the Irvine Housing Blog (IHB)  have hosted discussions about historic Floral Park.  IHB Poster, bkshopr, opened with the first post last April to announce the annual FPNA Home and Garden Tour.    The lovely home pictured at the beginning of this post was referenced at IHB.  

Do you have a favorite neighborhood?


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