Property taxes going up in Santa Ana as Measure G wins

SAUSD Measure G tax increase wins

It pains me to write this but apparently the SAUSD’s fraudulent Measure G tax increase won tonight. With 86% of the votes counted it was leading by 68.4% versus 31.6%. It only had to win by 2/3 of the vote plus one. So the vote was close, but right now it looks like Measure G will win and the voters will lose as they will have raised their property taxes in the midst of the Bush Depression.

I can’t imagine that this bond measure will result in any positive change in the SAUSD. They told us things would get better when we recalled Nativo Lopez, but things are worse today in the SAUSD than ever before. And we have an awful crop of school board candidates running in the fall, so things won’t be getting better anytime soon.

If you are thinking of buying into one of the new ritzy condos in Santa Ana stop first to ponder this new tax increase, along with the fact that our City Clowncil has raised water rates twice in less than a year – and gang crime is rampant in our city. And we have the worst school district in the county. Don’t buy here! Run the other way…

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