OC Register Correction on “Judging those who would be judges”

In yesterday’s lead editorial the OC Register published comments naming myself as the source. Sadly, they are human and made a mistake which has now been corrected. It relates to my May 8th recommendation for Judges.

Todays Opinion, Local Page 8, reads as follows:


Because of a reporting error, the recommendations of Orange Juice blogger Larry Gilbert were misreported in Monday’s editorial  on judges’ seats  up for election [“Judging those who would be judges”]. And, the opinion of another Orange Juice blogger  was mistakenly attributed to Mr. Gilbert regarding Orange County D.A. Tony Rackauckas. Mr. Gilbert told us he does not distrust “anyone who works for District Attorney Tony Rackauckas;” the editorial indicated otherwise. Mr. Gilbert has endorsed Nick Thompson for Office No. 4, Jon Fish for Office No 8, Kermit Marsh for Office No 12, and John Nho Trung Nguyen for Office No 25.

The Register apologizes to Mr. Gilbert and regrets the error.

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