OC GOP machine gets punked as Sandra Hutchens becomes the new Sheriff

Sandra Hutchens, the new Orange County Sheriff

I have never been so happy to be wrong in my life! I thought the OC GOP machine had victory in the bag and that their boy Paul Walters would succeed Mike Carona. But Supervisors John Moorlach, Pat Bates and Janet Nguyen decided to go with Sandra Hutchens as our new Orange County Sheriff.

What happened?

I think that Moorlach in particular did not want to look stupid again. He previously supported our disgraced former Sheriff, Mike Carona, and our lame O.C. Treasurer Chriss Street. This time Moorlach was not going to go down the drain by backing the machine candidate. Good for him!

And kudos to the ladies on the Board of Supervisors! Bates and Nguyen refused to play ball with the machine and the result is we finally have a Sheriff we can be proud of, in Hutchens. Her reputation is squeaky clean. She WILL clean house at the O.C. Sheriff’s Department. And that is what we need.

For Walters this is the second time he tried to become Sheriff and once again he is stuck serving as the Chief of the Santa Ana Police Department. But now everyone in town knows he wanted out. Awkward!

Congratulations to Sheriff Hutchens. And kudos to the Bates, Nguyen and Moorlach for doing the right thing and saying “no” to the OC GOP machine!

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