Not too pretty!

Watching the DNC Rules Committee at work yesterday should be an abject lesson to Republicans that a world with Hillary might be more like “Hell on Earth”. It brought back to mind a series of events from the movie “Reds” with Diane Keaton and Warren Beatty. With a partisan and broken DNC..pretending
to be a great force for unity…it was brutal to watch! Rules Committee Chairman Jim Roosevelt managed to keep a modicum of decorum … barely between the screaming and degrading Hillary supporter many interruptions!

There were the Lenin-Trotskyites fighting out those philosophical battles against “the people” and for demagoguery; in the name of a system so complex and so riddled with division that it couldn’t operate without political and philosophical assassination!

Harold Eckes, the Hillary Hit-Man…laid down the gauntlet of things to come: “The Candidate, Hillary Clinton has instructed me to reserve the option of taking this battle to the Credentials Committee..” His numerous “you can bet your ass…..” comments lent neither intelligent dialogue, nor a semblance of bringing the Democratic party together…..for November!

Hillary’s attempt to hijack the process and take all the unassigned delegates from Florida and Michigan was met with a worthy penalty; for those states that attempted to move up their Primary Elections to better influence the complete process. The DNC Rules Committee to their credit….wouldn’t bite and took 50% of the delegate value away from those states, along with assigning less than half of those to Barack Obama! This has put the Hillary people over the edge! They are now in a position “to lose without an excuse”!

We can’t imagine what kind of country we might live in with a Hillary presidency! Ron Brown and Vince Foster come to mind……

In the words of the Godfather in Godfather 1: “If anything happens to my son Michael….that he might be accidentally shot and killed by an off duty police
officer, hangs himself in a prison cell or is struck by lighting….I am going to hold some of the people in this room responsible! But other than that – Let there be peace!”

The time has come for Hillary to fold her tent and move back to Hope with Bill…..or NYC…but one thing is for sure: Bill needs to move his executive offices out of Harlem! Because: “You do not signify or represent black people in this country!”


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