Henry Nicholas gets indicted, for drug charges and stock manipulations

Henry Nicholas is going down!

I am not one to gloat, but I am very happy that rich guy Henry Nicholas III (pictured above, photo from the L.A. Times) got indicted today. “The indictment, issued under seal a day earlier, accused Nicholas of doling out drugs and prostitutes as part of a freewheeling lifestyle,” according to the L.A. Times.

“A second indictment accused Nicholas of manipulating stock options at Broadcom, the Irvine-based maker of computer chips used in such products as mobile phones, Apple Inc.’s iPod and Nintendo Co.’s Wii consoles,” again according to the L.A. Times.

Nicholas is the Republican creep who defeated our attempt to change the Three Strikes law in California.

Here is what I wrote about Nicholas in a previous post:

Nicholas has donated thousands of dollars to various political campaigns and causes, as follows:

  • $157,250 to the campaign for Jessica’s Law, Prop. 83
  • $11,200 to Jerry Brown’s campaign for State Attorney General
  • $10,000 to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 2006 campaign for Governor
  • $11,000 to Steve Cooley’s campaign for L.A. District Attorney

Nicholas is also known for his efforts to defeat Prop 66, which would have revised California’s Three Strikes law. He pumped $3.5 million into the opposition campaign at the last minute, funding TV ads that helped to defeat the initiative, which I supported. Thanks to Nicholas a lot of criminals who were jailed for life due to non-violent crimes were left behind bars.

Ironically, it now appears that Nicholas himself might have a few felonies up his sleeve. He might yet regret opposing Prop. 66. It would be ironic if he ended up in jail with the same drug users he condemned to a life in prison.

What a hypocrite! Glad he got indicted. Made my day in fact. Don’t drop the soap Henry!

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