Tish Leon says adios to the Orange Juice

I had mentioned to Art Pedroza a few months ago that I have been so busy that I have not had time to blog. And after the 58th LULAC District Convention, I would have more time. (I was busy planning the Convention, a feat I am glad I did and most likely will never do again.)

Well after the LULAC District Convention I was elected to be the President of the Anaheim LULAC Council, The Deputy District Women’s Director for LULAC, and recently elected to the OC Central Committee for the Democratic Party.

This of course is only a partial of what I do since I am also a Commissioner on the Recreation & Parks Commission for Santa Ana and for the OC Historical Commission. This comprises of some committees that I chose to join as well.

I recently changed jobs and will be working full time for the Public Law Center, a tough decision since I worked for Latino Health Access for 12 years, but am very excited to be part of another great non-profit in Santa Ana.

This of course doesn’t stop me from being the activist that I am here in SA and working towards changing Santa Ana to a better place to live, work & play.

Oh and I do try to squeeze in a personal life with family & friends.

With all this said, I told Art that I just can’t find the time to write for the Orange Juice. I have enjoyed writing the “What’s up OC” and doing my best not to be controversial, leaving that up to Art, Thomas and others on this Blog.

I also had realized that I left without saying my good byes and explaining why I left. Simply, I just don’t have the time.

So happy trails to everyone and for my last post, I would like to close this in the honor of Bob Ward:

Who was Bob Ward?

Robert L. Ward-Santa Ana Winds Youth Band Founder & Director recently passed away on May 31, 2008.

Since June of 1971, Bob devoted his life to enriching youth’s lives through music in the city of Santa Ana, the values of teamwork, commitment, pride and self respect. Bob’s 40 year dedication to represent the city through the art of music made him an outstanding citizen, mentor and teacher. He directed the SA Winds out of his selfless heart to bring joy to audiences all over the world, as well as the youths in the community. He always put his band and the youths ahead of all else.

Bob Ward was an inspiration not only to the four thousand members that have been through his band but to all the parents and adults within the community as well. Bob Ward was not just a band director; he is a living legend of someone who gave back to his community without expecting anything in return.

Bob was recently recognized with the Community Building Awards at the Celebrate Santa Ana.

I will miss you Bob.

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