Finally a Spanish language political blog for Orange County

Longtime Editor and Reporter Carlos Lopez Dzur has started a Spanish language political blog for Orange County. How exciting!  Dzur’s blog looks like the Orange Juice used to back when I started it as he is using the blogspot platform. And he calls his blog “La Naranja” or “The Orange.” Perfect.

If you cannot read Spanish but would like to read what Dzur is writing about click here for an English language version of his new blog.

It looks like Dzur started his blog in late May. He now has put up 20 posts about a variety of subjects, including ecology and oil independence; education and dropout rates in California; selecting Senator Jim Webb as the running mate for Barack Obama; and John McCain and Latinos. Great stuff!

Here is what Dzur has to say about his new blog:

Welcome all Internet users to The Orange a new space for discussion on political, social and economic, of Orange County in particular. We know that problems and situations unfair and negative, once created, may reflect factors that are statewide or national.

We invite visitors to give their opinions and help to raise the issues adequately. They can do it in English or Spanish.

I have added this new blog to our links.  Be sure to pass the link along to your friends who prefer to read in Spanish.  You can read more about Dzur at this link.  You can email him by clicking here.

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