Drilling Our Way to Energy Independence?

As we sat around this morning laughing and celebrating Debbie Cook’s impending victory, somebody brought up the fact that certain candidates (with names like McCain and Rohrabacher) keep offering voters more DRILLING – offshore, ANWR, and places unknown – as the main solution to our energy crisis. Immediately Debbie pulled out the following graph – she’s quick that way! Since folks have been discussing this issue here – and some of you seem to think more drilling is the solution – I asked her to e-mail it to me, so here it is! (More at http://web.mac.com/energyinfo)

As you can plainly see, the extra barrels to be obtained from the plundering of environmentally sensitive areas will represent at best a slight short slowing down, two decades hence, in the inexorable decline in supply and the implacable rise in price. I sadly say “will,” because, fight as we environmentalists may, it’s hard to imagine that in the throes and convulsions of petroleum withdrawals, Americans and mankind won’t drill everywhere imaginable to forestall the inevitable.

After all, we’ve seen coke addicts rob their best friends and leave town for good to get another kilo, the gentlest souls hooked on heroin turning to a life of crime and imprisonment, and the alcoholic at 2:15 AM seeing what rubbing alcohol might taste like. But whatever contortions and dislocations we go through in the coming decades, a life without oil awaits our children and grandchildren. Responsible humans will now be laying the foundations for this future. Politicians who offer drilling as a solution are not serious about the issue, and are either uninformed or “yanking your chain.”

Fire away!

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