CUSD RECALL results…A blowout!

Tonight I attended an election/victory party at the home of Rancho Santa Margarita Councilman Tony Beall and his wife Jennifer where around 70 supporters gathered to await the returns of the Special Election to RECALL Trustee’s Marlene Draper and Shiela Benecke.  As we watched the first three cycles it became apparent that this RECALL effort was a blowout with both incumbents losing by over 70 percent.

Realizing that the outcome was a forgone conclusion Tony took the mike to share the current results with the volunteers, some of whom have been engaged in this fight to restore responsible and fiscal management of this huge school district for many years.

Ellen Addonizio, Trustee Area 6, Anna Bryson Trustee Area 4 and Larry Christensen, Trustee Area 7 were all there to celebrate. They were all elected in the last election as Phase One of taking back our school District.

In attendance, along with Sue Palazzo who ran unopposed in Area 2, was Ken Maddox who we also declared the winner in his race for the Area 5 seat  where he garnered 55 percent of the votes cast through the first 17 of 97 precincts.  He was trailed by Gary V. Miller at 38.7 percent and Makam Subbarao with 6.3 percent.

There are 214,231 registered voters in this District of which the first results were almost 100 percent absentee with 20,595 ballots counted in these first cycles.

In addition to remarks by Tony and Jenifer Beall we also heard from Tom Russell, CUSD Recall spokesperson .

While Tony was addressing the crowd I did receive a call back from Art Pedroza and handed the phone to Ken Maddox so they could have a very brief exchange.  One advantage of working with Art is that the Orange Juice represents  a wide spectrum of positions and players that we can cover regardless of their politics or party affiliations.

Successful RECALL elections are rare occurrences. The most familiar one that comes to mind was in Fullerton many years ago related to a proposed utility tax. As such every one who took part in this fight will sleep well tonight.

As I close this post the latest results confirm that while the numbers may slightly change, this election is over!

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