Aye Rosie!

When it comes to Rosie Avila one hardly knows where to start.  But her new campaign website does offer a good look at all her overall nuttiness.  The most ironic part of her site is the picture above, where Rosie has surrounded herself with children who appear to be immigrants.  But how does Rosie REALLY feel about immigrants?  Here is what she states on her website:

We must put the American people’s interests first – open borders are part of the plan for a North American Union that would erase our borders entirely and destroy our sovereignty.

Rosie is running against Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez in the 47th Congressional District.  Good luck with that Rosie!  It sounds like a “No Se Puede” Special…

Sanchez is not a great Congressional Representative by any stretch.  I can’t think of anything she has actually accomplished in Congress, besides getting her sister elected to a district in Whittier.  And she still tries to act like a teenager in public.  She is utterly lacking in the sort of gravitas we have come to expect from other Democrats in the Legislature, such as Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer.

But Loretta won’t have any trouble taking out Rosie, who is following in the tradition of last year’s Mexican hating OC GOP candidate, Tan Nguyen (who ironically appointed Rosie as his alternate on the OC GOP Central Committee – he must be so proud of her!).

Be sure to take a look at Rosie’s endorsements – they are a Who’s Who of Republicans who hate Mexicans, including the Queen of the Mexican Haters, Mimi Walters.

Memo to the OC GOP – you are not going to beat Sanchez as long as you keep running Talibani Mexican haters against her!  I do think that in two years Supervisor Janet Nguyen could really give Sanchez a run for the money, especially since Nguyen would not run as a knuckle-dragging Talibani Republican.  But most likely termed out Assemblyman Van Tran, who is as much a Mexican hater as his boy Tan, will be the next OC GOP candidate to lose to Sanchez.  She may be a bit of a joke, but she sure knows how to take out her GOP opponents.

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