Anaheim politicians think they deserve free concert and sporting event tickets

When the Orange County Fair concert ticket scandal broke, Red County blog editor Matt “Jubal” Cunningham made it clear that he was OK with politicians accepting “free” concert tickets. He even admitted to taking these tickets himself. The irony was that the O.C. Fair concert series loses money every year – and the politicians not only take the best seats, they also feed themselves at our expense, to “free” meals of steak and lobster.

Now the O.C. Register has exposed yet another ticket scandal. The members of the Anaheim City Council have been getting “free” tickets to events at the Anaheim Pond, or Honda Center and at the Angel’s Stadium.

“Every year, Anaheim council members, department heads and other officials get thousands of free tickets to Angels games, Ducks games and top-name concerts – luxury boxes and field level seats – for free. They don’t even have to pay for parking,” according to the O.C. Register.

How does Cunningham feel about this latest ticket scandal?He has not answered that question directly, but he did state this in a recent post, “The City of Anaheim responds, reasonably, that they are not gifts, but simply perks of office.” I guess Cunningham thinks it is OK to take these tickets too.

However Cunningham is WRONG. Politicians should NEVER get free tickets to any event, period. And if they do get free tickets they ought to report them as income on their tax returns and in their financial statements.

Cunningham obviously believes that politicians should relish whatever perks of office they can get. That really gets my goat. Politicians serve the public. When they start helping themselves to freebies they aren’t serving the public. They are being self-serving. And that bodes ill for all of us. That Cunningham doesn’t get this is indicative of the problem that lies in being a consultant and a blogger. Bloggers are supposed to supplement what the media does. We aren’t supposed to be as greedy as the politicians. Our job is to expose them not sink to their level.

It is also rather hypocritical for Republicans to act like this when they are supposed to be fiscal conservatives.

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