Why Conservative Republicans love Obama!

Everyone wants to know why we “Conservative Republicans” are going for Obama in a big way! They are flumoxed and twisted by a total lack of understanding. We went to the Strawberry Festival in Garden Grove yesterday and visited the Democrat and Republican booths..there!

It was a crack up to talk to the strong Hillary supporters at the Democrat booth……who said they had no Obama T-Shirts, no Obama buttons and no Obama bumper stickers! “Oh, we won’t be able to sell anything until after the Convention!”…what bull is this friends and neighbors? The Democrats should have been selling both gear: Hillary and Obama! But no….we will all have to wait until Chelsea Clinton gets the nod for her forthcoming Congressional seat!

In the meantime, the Republican booth was personed by Steve Sarkis and Ms. Guiliani (no relation to Rudy!)….We loved chatting with them both! The big question was: How we could vote for someone that was married to Michele Obama? We never got that connection….but the Republicans are still Hillary/Bill infected! Perhaps by 2009…the Clintons will be relegated to the hinterland of national politics. We can only pray!

Anyway, we support Obama! We aren’t voting for McCain…and we won’t vote for Obama…if he chooses Hillary or anyone we don’t like as a Vice Presidential running mate!

The Conservatives with principles are going with their intellect…. finally! What did they say? Principles Over Politics! “The world without Rudy…left us with a world with Obama!”

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