What Energy & Farm Bills do to America!

“The 2007 Farm Bill proposals show the Administration’s support of biotechnology in both industrial and agricultural applications. … We greatly appreciate the Administration’s demonstrated commitment to support companies researching and commercializing both ethanol from cellulose and biobased products from renewable agricultural resources. The proposals related to international trade illustrate the importance of internationally accepted regulatory standards, many of which affect biotech crops.” Jim Greenwod, Biotechnology Industry Organization President and CEO

“Overall, we like what we hear and what we’ve seen, because it improves the funding for specialty crops and conservation.” Leonard Blackham, Utah Agriculture Commissioner

“The industry is elated to be considered a major crop in the proposed 2007 Farm Bill… This will afford our industry more access to USDA programs, especially Phytosanitary and trade related support programs, due to the fact that 80 percent
of our packed cartons goes to off shore markets.” Doug Bournique, Indian River Citrus League Executive Director

A Bushel of corn weighs 56 lbs…about the size of a 50 pound bag of sand
…created from one acre of land. Currently 47% of “Field Corn” (which is
used for ethanol) is allocated to feed for animals. 27% is Mandated by the
Congress and is now dedicated to Ethanol production for Fuel. The rest of
this crop is used for Cornstarch, Corn Syrup and other corn related products
used in our food. What is not being disclosed is how much of this product
is Bio-Engineered…much like the “Starlink” debacle some time ago…we do
not know and may never know – how much of this product in our food supply
is totally “Non-Digestible”.

The Farm Bill of 2007 is being considered as we speak. President Bush seems
to be on the correct side of this argument and only wants small farmers to get
the various Farm Subsidies….those making under $200,000 dollars a year. But
there are problems..even with that process. The reality is that there is only
so much Farm Land and the small Farmers once they dedicate that land to Corn
in order to get the Government Mandated Subsidy….won’t plant Soy, Wheat, Rice
or anything else. With shortages of domestic crops such as these….we increase
the world demand and start killing people in foreign countries…because we
are virtually taking the food out of their mouths – at a higher price.

What seems silly is; that as we speak…we have a 51 to 54 cents per bushel Tariff on all foreign Field Corn imports…..from most every country including the Brazil. The only caveat to that is a 7% Caribbean Tariff Free Zone…which was instituted by President Reagan, back in the 80’s! If we want more Corn for Ethanol…drop all the Tariffs and let countries that want to produce Corn for the US Market…do so freely and competively!

Right now we have some greedy ADM Executives and Corporate Farmers rubbing their hands with glee, hoping upon hope, that the Subsidies from the Farm and Energy Bills will go directly from the tax coffers and into their pockets. The Farm Belt States and politicians are drooling as the cost of Food spikes with those profits going directly into their fat wallets! Many will be dancing a Jig if this Farm Bill passes as presently written! The effect on consumers will be catastrophic!

The current Congress driven mandate diverts 25 to 30% of our entire Corn and Soy crops into the Fuel Supply – “Ethanol Markets”. To put it into perspective..80% of the cost of Meat, Pork, Poultry and Eggs comes from feed costs! Corn feed is what makes productive Cattle markets – not to mention Chickens and Pig production!

Spiking and diverting our Corn Crops into Ethanol then drives up all Food Costs and the rich US Market will reach out and start importing more foreign food and related crops….which will raise the price of those crops in other countries. It is simply called; “Competing interests!” for land. This as we mentioned, should be “Optional Choices” for Foreign Food Producing Countries…and NOT Mandated by elevated or driven by Global pricing or manipulation!

Back to Basics:

No farmer is ever going to plant Sunflower Seeds crops…and NOT get the Federal Subsidy…when they can grow “Field Corn or Soy” and get higher prices for their products and reap the Federal Subsidy is the process. Double dipping again!

The Oil Companies are working this process through the Energy Bill…and thusly reaping even more Federal Subsidies by utilizing the “Ethanol Mandated lternative”! It is a very sweet deal….except for the consumer, foreign food producers and the poor people of the world who can’t find Rice, Wheat or Corn at a reasonable price. The Oil Companies continue to rail for more supply. Considering the fact that China will be using three times what it is using now in five years…which exceeds what the United States uses annually…by way….will do nothing but spike prices even higher!

The solutions are mileage standards for Trucks, Buses, Rail and other major users of fuels. The solutions are not to use our Food Supply for Gasoline which will then – spike both markets.

A couple of web sites that you might find interesting:
Grocery Manufacturers Association: www.gma.org
National Corn Growers Association: www.ncga.com

Finally, we should realize that 30% of our entire production of Vegetable Oils have been dedicated to Fuel Production for Automobiles in the United States! Get the idea…..the price of food is going the way of a barrel of oil….”Up, Up and Away in my beautiful balloon…” Some are even projecting that $200 dollars a barrel
for oil in two years….or thusly, up to $20 dollars a gallon for gasoline! Yikes!

Maybe we all should be paying closer attention to what we might find in our
national Energy and Farm Bills. Ya think?

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