Wal-Mart offers to cash stimulus checks for free and roll back prices

I just received a press release from WAL*MART in which the “Retailer Will Cash (Stimulus) Checks for Free and Focus on Compelling Rollbacks.”

In their April 29th Press Release it reads that Wal-Mart today announced that it will cash stimulus checks for free–with no purchase required. And starting this week it will offer shoppers a program of rollbacks, on items that allow them to save money and live better.

The announcement goes on to add that Wal-Mart will:

“Offer compelling rollbacks from sports drinks to shampoo, breakfast juice to lunch meat, cereal boxes to cereal bars. Wal-Mart has lined up rollbacks and additional price savings on key grocery and consumable items that are already available this week in store. Over the coming weeks it will unveil additional rollbacks to help shoppers stretch their dollars.”

As I look at this document, and starting list of discounted items, they appear to have the correct focus. In time we will have to wait to see if their major competitors follow suit.
Note: I am not a Wal-Mart shareholder nor am I being compensated for posting this press release. The Orange Juice does engage in public service this post being one example.

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