This year we need to boycott the O.C. Fair

O.C. Fair Board is full of greedy pigs!

“Orange County Fair Board members have raised the price of attending and doing business at the summer fair, although they have yet to cut back on hundreds of thousands of dollars in free concert tickets, catered meals and complimentary fair passes,” according to the O.C. Register.

This is intolerable! The unethical greedy O.C. Fair Board Members have ripped off taxpayers for years, taking concert tickets and even gourmet food at our expense.

The Register previously reported “that board members were taking the best seats in the house for concerts by Fergie, Bob Dylan and other major acts. By policy, each board member receives 26 tickets per concert, each worth $20 and $90. Board members also receive 10 passes to a VIP dinner, where meals such as steak and lobster are served.”

You can find out which O.C. politicians took the free tickets at this link. Both Scott Baugh, the OC GOP Chairman, and Frank Barbaro, the chairman of the DPOC (Democratic Party of Orange County) are on the list. Red County editor Matt “Jubal” Cunningham also admitted to taking O.C. Fair concert tickets.

Supposedly the higher ticket prices and higher fees for food vendors will pay for new construction. That might be true, but the O.C. Fair concerts have lost money for years. I won’t be happy until the O.C. Fair Board limits free tickets for board members to two each. Anything more than that is outrageous and not fair to taxpayers.

It is obvious that the current O.C. Fair Board is not going to make any drastic changes, unless the state forces them to. As consumers we are left with once choice – we must boycott the O.C. Fair this year. If enough of us boycott the Fair the financial losses will force the O.C. Fair Board to take note. We may finally see some of the current greedy Board members resign and go away.

So this year please boycott the O.C. Fair and be sure to tell your friends, neighbors and coworkers to also boycott the Fair. They don’t deserve our money. Send a message to the O.C. Fair Board and stay away, far away, from the O.C. Fair.

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