The Trannies are going down with the Titanic…

Mexican hating GOP Assemblyman Van Tran has dug himself quite a hole. He flew into Orange County last Monday to try to derail the endorsement of Supervisor Janet Nguyen, and he utterly failed. In the process he angered many of his party’s leaders. Just watch the videos of that meeting that I put up here on the Orange Juice. It was not good news for Tran.

And the news gets worse. Red County blogger Nick Naylor (not sure who he is but his name sounds like that of a porno actor!) wrote an interesting post today about Tran’s strange endorsements in this cycle. Check out the motley crew that Tran is backing:

Van Tran (AD 68):

-AD60: Larry Dick

-AD71: Neil Blais

-SD29: Dennis Mountjoy

-SD33: Harry Sidhu

-Supe1: Dina Nguyen

From what I hear, Dick is going to win in the 60th Assembly District, while the 71st is a toss up. Mountjoy is TOAST. Bob Huff is going to trounce him. And what about Sidhu? No se puede! I don’t see any way that Sidhu will even come close to victory against Assemblywoman Mimi Walters. I think she is going to blow him out of the water. It won’t be close. As for Dina, please. The only question now is who will get less votes in the First District, Dina or the other Trannie, Hoa Van Tran. It’s a race to the end of the line!

Supervisor Nguyen on the other hand is supporting Walters. Here are the rest of her picks, again courtesy of Naylor’s Red County post:

Janet Nguyen (First District):

AD60: Larry Dick

AD71: No Endorsement

SD29: Bob Huff

SD33: Mimi Walters

Those look like winning endorsements. And Nguyen now enjoys the support of almost her entire party leadership! And the news gets far worse for Tran. Nguyen’s Supervisorial District overlaps half of Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez’s Congressional District, which Tran clearly lusts for. Tran’s own Assembly District overlaps only about a quarter of Sanchez’ District. So even if Sanchez does move on one day, Tran won’t have a clear path to D.C. Nguyen will surely block him.

It didn’t have to be this way. After Nguyen won last year against a slew of opponents, Tran could have reached out to her, buried the hatchet, and moved on. But instead he dug in his heels. And now he is slowly immolating in a fire he inadvertently set himself. Nguyen’s endorsement last week likely marked the beginning of the end for Tran. And he will have no one to blame but himself.

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