The Space Commander finally comes back to earth!

Supervisor Janet Nguyen’s latest campaign mailer features an unlikely endorsement, that of Santa Ana Councilman Carlos “Space Commander” Bustamante. Red County blogger Matt/Jubal Cunningham wondered in a post today if my “head would explode to see the politician he slavishly praises so prominently touts the endorsement of the politician he reflexively reviles and insists is political toast?”

I don’t revile Bustamante. I am disappointed that he ran as an outsider for the Santa Ana City Council and that he promised to stand up to Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, only to become his eunuch after he was elected. But I don’t despise the man. I just wish he had not become a Pulido hack. So many of us hoped he would have the huevos to stand up to Pulido. Alas, such was not to be.

However, I am pleased to see that Bustamante is supporting Nguyen. That is a great move! What a fantastic way for Bustamante to get back in the good graces of his party, which is solidly behind Nguyen at this point.

That said, Bustamante is also supporting the new SAUSD bond, Measure G. And he did not stand up against the fraudulent Measure D. So while his endorsement of Nguyen is to be applauded, he continues to be a disappointment, for the most part. At least in this instance he came back down to earth and did something positive, for a change. For that I commend him.

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