Terra-Cotta warriors at Bowers Museum

Exactly one year ago we took a three week vacation to mainland China. While I wanted to experience climbing the “great wall” my wife’s first tourist preference was to visit the 2300 years old “Terra-Cotta warriors” at the Army museum in Xi’an City. We were able to tour all three of the pits which contain upwards of 5,000 warriors and their horses. The site was found by local farmers on July 17, 1974. While the museum is open for tours during the day, in the evening hundreds of workers continue to carefully uncover parts of bodies and other artifacts. To get a better appreciation for this marvelous collection I need point out that “Emperor Qin believed that life under the ground after death was a continuation of life on earth” which explains his terra-cotta army. The story we heard is that “a rebel in the Qin Dynasty burnt the palace and museum which resulted in the collapse of the roof which pressed the terra-cotta warriors and horses into fragments.”

As I look at the book we purchased in the gift shop I find photos of Queen Elizabeth, president Bill Clinton with Hillary and Chelsea and president Vladimir Putin, each of whom visited on different occasions.

So, without the need to get a Visa or upgrade your Passport, you can experience seeing these same Terra-Cotta warriors at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana where artifacts and approximately 20 completed terra-cotta warriors will be on display beginning on May 18th.

For additional information simply call (714) 567-3600 or go to their web site www.bowers.org

Gilbert note. I would highly recommend seeing this exhibit and plan to bring family and friends before it closes.

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