Red County/OC Blog promotes tax hike in Santa Ana

Red County wants to raise your taxes!

I was shocked today to see that the Red County/OC Blog has accepted a paid advertisement (pictured above) from Measure G, the latest fraudulent bond measure from the Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD). What the hell is Red County/OC Blog editor Matt/Jubal Cunningham thinking?

You can see the ad above or by clicking here.

The SAUSD bungled the proceeds from the last bond, Measure C, including blowing over twenty million to build a warehouse instead of a school! They also blew millions of dollars from the Tustin settlement. And they passed a PLA, or project labor agreement, after passage of Measure C, which forced the district to take bids only from union contractors. This increased costs and slowed down production, which is pretty much what PLAs do.

Why would Cunningham accept an ad from the Measure G campaign? This goes against his supposed Republican values. Is he so greedy that he will take an ad from anyone, even if the ad promotes raising our taxes? How disgusting.

Needless to say, I am very disappointed that a supposedly Republican blog would accept paid ads from people that want to raise our taxes, particularly when you consider the epidemic waste and corruption that is the SAUSD.

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