Orange Juice Blog Talk Radio now available online

Orange Juice Blog Talk Radio

What a relief! We just wrapped up our first Orange Juice Blog Talk Radio Show which featured Republican congressional candidate Ron St. John, who is running against the incumbent in the 46th Congressional District, Dana Rohrabacher. The show was co-hosted by my fellow Orange Juice blogger, Vern Nelson.

Of course everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. I had to switch phones early in the segment and Vern had to as well. But we got through it and had a good time in the process. You can listen to the show online at your convenience. The segment ran 45 minutes and included questions from our fellow Orange Juice blogger Thomas Gordon as wel.

While doing research for the show I came across Rohrabacher’s website. Check this out – if you click on “Issues” you will find NOTHING listed. That about sums up his career in Congress. And try clicking on “Recent Votes.” The most recent vote listed dates back to July 28, 2005!

If you would like to contact Rohrabacher and ask him to get off his butt and update his website, click here.

Also, be sure to check out the Ditch Crazy Dana blog. It is full of very good info on the always nutty Rohrabacher.

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