Mission Viejo city council votes 4-0-1 to support Proposition 98

Appearing on tonight’s Mission Viejo city council meeting Agenda, found under Council Member Ledesma comments, was Item #29 which reads:

Support of Proposition 98.

Recommended action (1) That the City Council Adopt the following Resolution and (2) transmit the position of support for Proposition 98 to the proponents of Proposition 98.”

After a brief overview by Member Ledesma, citizens oral and written testimony in support of the recommended action, the council discussed the property rights issue than voted 4-0 in support with Member Lance MacLean abstaining.

Councilman Ledesma has been very active in the fight to protect private property rights around the state for over 10 year. He is an active member of Municipal Officials for Redevelopment Reform, MORR, the statewide group led by Supervisor Chris Norby.

In my conversation with Lance during the next break he accepted my position recognizing that this issue goes beyond the borders of the city of Mission Viejo which no longer has eminent domain powers in our city.

Note: While I read the draft Resolution inside the council chambers prior to the meeting I am unable to pull up the backup data tonight but will try to post the “Whereas,” text tomorrow.

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