Larry Gilbert’s "pics" for the June 3rd Election

Dear readers. Each election cycle I research and submit a voter guide on the Republican candidates. Obviously the final choice is yours to make. While some of these races are outside my District I either know the candidates, have heard them speak, or have knowledge of their conservative credentials.The following are my recommendations for the June 3rd election:

State Assembly
60th AD Curt Hagman
70th AD Chuck DeVore
71st AD Neil Blais
72nd AD Mike Duvall
73rd AD Diane Harkey

State Senate
29th SD Bob Huff
33rd SD Mimi Walters
35th SD Tom Harman

CD 42 Gary Miller
CD 44 Ken Calvert
CD 48 Jon Campbell

Office #4 Nick Thompson
Office #8 Jon Fish
Office #12 Kermit Marsh
Office #25 John Nho Nguyen

Republican Central Committee (vote for no more than six)

70th AD
Linda Ackerman
Dick Nichols
Allan Bartlett
Mary Young
Thomas “Tom” Fuentes
Jon Steven Fleischman

71st AD (vote for no more than six)

Jack J Anderson
Todd Spitzer
Tony Beall
Mark William Bucher
John S Williams
Marcia Gilchrist

73RD (vote for no more than six)

Alice Anderson
Craig P Alexander
Nancy Padberg
Anna Bryson
Norm Dickinson

Statewide Ballot Measures

Proposition 98 YES
Proposition 99 NO

Larry Gilbert

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