Irvine Chamber Governmental Affairs vote. Proposition 98 YES, Proposition 99 NO

At this morning’s meeting of the Irvine Chamber, held at their Irvine, CA office, Tony Cardenas, League of California Cities Public Affairs Regional Manager, representing Proposition 99, and myself, representing Proposition 98, made presentations on behalf of our respective initiatives that appear on the June 3rd ballot.

At the conclusion of our speeches, followed by Chamber member Q & A, the Governmental Affairs members voted to support Proposition 98 while rejecting Proposition 99.

In attendance during our presentations was Lisa Kalustian, Chief Deputy Director, Office of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who discussed the governor’s proposed Budget Stabilization Act. In addition were members of the Metropolitan and Irvine Water districts.

One area that the League appears to muddy relates to water storage and conveyance infrastructure. We have several highly regarded independent assessments of the language of Proposition 98 that should squash their fears.

“The argument that Proposition 98 would impede the development of new water projects is without merit. Since the initiative would allow government to condemn land for ‘public facilities,’ the League of Cities argument relies on the assumption that water storage projects are not ‘public facilities,’ and therefore condemnations to create reservoirs would not be permitted under the CPOFPA’s language. But government owned reservoirs are obviously ‘public facilities,’ as California courts have long recognized (See. e.g., Tower Acton Holdings v Los Angeles County Waterworks Dist 37 (2002) 105 Cal. App. 4th 590,598.)

I quoted law expert Stuart Somach who states “The initiative would not preclude the use of eminent domain to acquire property for the construction of water storage or conveyance projects.”

Larry Gilbert, Orange County Chairman, Proposition 98 campaign

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