Former GA Congressman (R) Bob Barr, Libertarian candidate for president

Just what Republican Presidential candidate Senator John McCain needed to hear. Former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr announcing today that he intends to seek the Libertarian Party choice for President at their May 23-26th convention in Denver. This coming on top of Texas Republican candidate, Congressman Ron Paul stating that he will not support Senator John McCain for president. Libertarian candidates include former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel, James Burns, Mike Jingozian, plus a few others.

Congressman Barr called President Bush a “big government” Republican. He is best known as being a major player in the efforts to impeach former president Bill Clinton.

Congressman Barr joined the Libertarian Party in 2006.

Which third party standard bearer would you consider a major spoiler in this year’s General election?

What impact do you think Congressman Barr’s pursuing and possibly winning the nod to represent the Libertarian party will have on the November election?

What impact do you feel Ralph Nader’s candidacy will have this year?

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