Edgardo Reynoso busted for trying to run a woman off the freeway!

Edgardo Reynoso tries to run a young lady off the freeway!


I posted an article earlier this week about Edgardo “King of the Cholos” Reynoso, and I closed that article with this prognostication, “As for Reynoso, will he end up in the slammer before this is all over?”

Well, it looks like I am a prophet!

Chris Prevatt reported today, over at Liberal OC, that “A former campaign staffer for the Hoa Van Tran campaign has filed a civil harrassment complaint and request for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) naming Hoa’s campaign manager, Edgardo Reynoso, as the defendant.”

Busted! I bet KimChi Nguyen is totally regretting quitting her cushy job at Assemblyman Jose Solorio’s office, to go work with Reynoso and his cholos at Hoa Van Tran’s campaign.

Prevatt also wrote that “Allegedly Reynoso tried to run the plaintiff off the freeway yesterday afternoon. After filing a report with the CHP, she filed the request for the TRO. The hearing on Case # 30-2008-00070564-CU-HR-CJC was held before commissioner Jane L. Shade. She ruled in favor of the plaintiff. A hearing on a permanent restraining order will be heard on June 6th.”

Earlier this week, the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Orange County (DPOC), said that “Tran gets to keep his endorsement for now, but if any one offers evidence that Tran or Reynoso has such ties, the endorsement will be pulled “instantaneously.”

Barbaro was referring to Reynoso’s ties with a slew of gang bangers. Well, now that there is a temporary restraining order filed against Reynoso because he TRIED TO RUN A YOUNG LADY OFF THE FREEWAY, maybe Barbaro finally has enough reason to call for an emergency meeting of the DPOC’s Executive Committee to finally take away Van Tran’s endorsement?

I swear it seems like Sean Mill is running the DPOC nowadays instead of Barbaro. In a matter of weeks Van Tran, Reynoso and their hired cholos have utterly destroyed the reputation of the DPOC. Barbaro could have stopped all this at the last DPOC Central Committee. I believe he will forever regret wussing out when he had a chance to take out Van Tran and his trash.

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