Ding Dong Dina strikes again

Apparently Garden Grove Councilwoman Dina Nguyen sent out a mailer touting her campaign for the First Supervisorial District, today, and she misspelled her web site’s URL (see picture above, courtesy of Liberal OC). The unfortunate error looked like this, www.dinaforsuppervisor.com, but don’t click on that! It is linked to an Asian gay porno site. Ouch! Maybe Dina will now get the Log Cabin Republican vote?

Seriously though, the Trannies really need to hire a proofreader. This sort of thing happens to them very often. Don’t they have a few Caucasians in their ranks, such as Chad Morgan, Tim Whitacre, Garden Grove Councilman Steve Jones, and Paul Lucas? Can’t some of these white guys pitch in and spell check their campaign mailers? Or maybe they are already doing so and THEY can’t spell either? What a joke!

I thought initially that this was a prank of some sort, in terms of the website and link, but upon further review this story gets even stranger. I went over to the WHOIS web database to see who owns the website in question. It belongs to Dina Nguyen’s campaign! Talk about bizarre. They must have screwed up somehow when setting it up. So they screwed up the mailer AND the website URL. Nice.

Well, good luck to Ding Dong Dina on her campaign for “Suppervisor. ” Maybe she’ll win that one as a consolation prize because she certainly won’t be winning the First District race. Talk about No Se Puede…

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