Did Janet Nguyen cut a deal with Mike Schroeder?

Supervisor Janet Nguyen

My favorite O.C. columnist, R. Scott Moxley, wrote an interesting column in this week’s O.C. Weekly, postulating that Supervisor Janet Nguyen may have cut a deal with uber-culero Mike Schroeder of the OC GOP. Say it ain’t so!

Moxley’s theory is based on the fact that Nguyen was the deciding vote when the Supervisors opted to leave Caronista Jack Andersen in place as interim Sheriff until they could conduct interviews and pick someone else. That seems a stretch. I suppose they could have put someone else in charge, but Andersen knew what he was doing and he has actually done a pretty good job, all things considered.

Moxley points out that Schroeder has laid off on Nguyen during the past few months. That is true, but does that mean that on June 3, election day, she will vote to replace Andersen with whomever it is that Schroeder wants her to select? I doubt it.

However, if Nguyen selects SAPD Chief Paul Walters to replace Carona I won’t be happy and she will get an earful here on the Orange Juice. Walters hired former Carona consultant John Lewis as an unpaid adviser. Not good! That leads me to believe that Schroeder is also backing Walters.

I still think the best man for the job is Ralph Martin, from the L.A. County Sheriff’s department.

That said, I hope that Nguyen did not cut a deal with the devil. But given how much trouble he has been, who could blame her if she did? The deal better not saddle us with another Carona as our next Sheriff…


I spoke with Supervisor Janet Nguyen late yesterday evening.  She says she did not cut a deal with Schroeder.  I believe Schroeder is cutting his losses by not doing much for Hoa or Dina, the two Trannies in the race.  It is clear to everyone that Supervisor Nguyen is going to win big on June 3.

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