Welcome to City Place – I hope you survive the experience!

I don’t think this is what developer Robert Bisno had in mind when he plunked the overpriced City Place condos and townhomes over on Main St., across from Santa Ana’s Mainplace Mall.

Just a few minutes ago, as I drove west on Memory Lane towards Main St., I passed an empty SAPD police cruiser with its flashers on. It was parked somewhat askew, on the right shoulder. I slowed down and lo and behold the lone officer was standing in front of his car with his gun drawn and pointed at a guy in a white t-shirt who was lying down on the grass in front of some apartments, by the look of it, located perhaps a block or two east of the City Place. He had his hands on his head, with his fingers interlaced. He looked like he was familiar with the process.

I could not believe it! What a sight to behold. I wonder what the yuppies on the way to their City Place townhomes thought about this as they drove by? Sure enough, three more police cruisers and a motorbike cop sped by me, as they drove east on Memory Lane to the incident, as I continued to Main St.

What the heck was Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido thinking when he asked Bisno to plop the City Place in Santa Ana? Keep in mind that the proposed Bisno 33 story luxury condo tower is supposed to go up right by where I saw the cop and his suspect today. And this neighborhood is supposed to be the GOOD part of Santa Ana!

Welcome to City Place. I hope you folks survive the experience!

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