The return of "O.C. Political Chismes!"

Does the Space Commander need help in low orbit?

A flock of pajaritos allege that they saw the “Space Commander” being “assisted” by two young ladies as he bumbled about the Downtown Santa Ana area recently. I am sure they were just gal pals from the office…

“Crazy Clownia” strikes again?

Could it be true that Santa Ana Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez has sicked her personal attack dog, you know that blue blogger with the initials “S.M” on Supervisor Janet Nguyen because she is afraid of future competition for Assemblyman Jose Solorio’s seat, after he terms out in a few years? Makes sense to me. There are few politicos as jealous, vindictive and nasty as “Crazy Clownia.”

The thought of “S.M” in a “Crazy Clownia” choke collar is simply frightening…in a “Pulp Fiction” “gimp” sort of way…

Tran versus Nguyen?

The last time I ran into Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez she was drunk out of her gourd, over at the Azteca Restaurant, and hanging out, literally, with some old white guy. I asked her if she was thinking about running for Governor. She smiled and was coy about it. Assemblyman Van Tran would LOVE it if she were to do so. He has been lusting for the 47th congressional district for some time. But here is the kicker, if the seat ever opens up, wouldn’t it be funny if Supervisor Janet Nguyen were to run AGAINST Tran? Battle royale!

No se puede Jose…

Santa Ana School Board Member Jose “Immigrant Millionaire” Hernandez is making some noise about running for Solorio’s Assembly seat one day. Can you say “No Se Puede?” The SAUSD might be in state receivership by the time Solorio’s seat opens up again. Maybe Hernandez figures he will have an edge because he shares a first name with Solorio?

I won – I quit!

Speaking of the SAUSD School Board, rumor has it that incumbent Trustee Rob Richardson WILL run again, and if he wins he will promptly resign, IF he has a majority, in which case one of his buds would get appointed to the remainder of his term. Apparently Richardson is not well. He allegedly suffers from Multiple Sclerosis.

Adios Rosie!

While we are on the subject of SAUSD School Board members, what the heck was outgoing Trustee Rosie Avila thinking? There is NO WAY she will beat Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, even with Sanchez seemingly stuck in “Old Girls Gone Wild” mode. From what I hear, Avila doesn’t care if she wins. She just wants to move back east as her husband is working somewhere out there, for an aviation company, as a mechanic. Rosie’s congressional campaign is an excuse to vaya con Dios…so one way or another she will be out of Santa Ana, for good.

Ibarra to run for SAUSD School Board?

One last note on the SAUSD, I hear that businesswoman Irene Ibarra is running for the School Board, and she already has lined up major backing from Democratic politicos and union bigwigs. I think she could easily raise over $50,000. Ibarra grew up in Santa Ana, worked at city hall and her kids graduated from local schools.

Please Lynette, take on “Crazy Claudia!”

What is Santa Ana Housing and Redevelopment Commissioner Lynette Verino going to do? Chisme has it that some folks want her to run against “Crazy Clownia” and others want her to
run for the SAUSD School Board. Now that Ibarra has pulled out of the running to take on “Crazy Clownia” the path is clear for Lynette to take out the crazed and unpopular Santa Ana Councilwoman. Go for it Lynette!

Please tell Mrs. Walters about this blog!

A pajarito reports that Santa Ana Police Chief Paul Walters actually has to share his dog with is estranged ex-wife, by order of the court. And I hear she has a restraining order on the Chief. Awkward! And this guy wants to be our next O.C. Sheriff? I wonder who his dog will endorse? Maybe the former Mrs. Walters will put a bug in the doggie’s collar and secretly tape record Walters taking illicit orders from the nefarious, and enano-like, Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido?

Wouldn’t it be funny if the former Mrs. Walters found this blog? I am still cracking up over what Al Amezcua’s ex-wife had to say about him when she found the Orange Juice.

Republicans for Hoa?

Chisme has it that Edgardo Reynoso, the questionable campaign manager for Democratic supervisorial candidate Hoa “I’m not” Van Tran is trying to hire a few local Republicans to work for his campaign. Well, I’m sure a few Reeps would get along splendidly with the pelones he has already hired.

Judy wants her money’s worth!

Pajaritos report that the Santa Ana Planning Commission will at last be considering Ware Disposal’s Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to allow them to continue doing business in the long-suffering Logan Park area, the first week of May. Now we will find out what Judy Ware, the owner of this dreadful basura company, got for her donations to Santa Ana’s Measure D, which extended the political career of “Crazy Claudia.” Even IF the Planning Commission says “no” to Ware, expect the Santa Ana City Council, led by Ware allies Pulido, Alvarez, Vince Sarmiento and Bustamante, to say “Si.” I wonder how Sal Tinajero and Michele Martinez will vote? This will be a true test of their fealty to Pulido, who loves setting up unanimous votes. I am sure David Benavides won’t be rocking the boat either.

No high speed choo choo for Santa Ana

A pajarito reports that the proposed high speed Orangeline has been removed from the Constrained RTP to the strategic portion of the plan per a recent TCC vote. This decision is pretty much the final nail in the coffin for this maglev system that was proposed to run through (and even under?) the Pacific Electric Right-of-Way to Santa Ana’s Metrolink station. More specifically, SCAG now recognizes that there’s no viable funding behind this project (it then doesn’t conform to the “Constrained” category) and by moving it
as they did, it doesn’t now represent a risk as far as receiving federal funding for their other projects.

Our readers might recall that the City of Santa Ana voted unanimously to join the Orangeline JPA, but as far as my pajarito knows, they never pried the membership fees ($50k?) from OCTA and Measure M. The City of Los Alamitos, the only other O.C. City in the Orangeline coalition dropped out earlier this year, and Troy Edgar, their councilman (and SCAG rep) that was Orangeline’s Vice Chair, was forced off its Board.

Pringle versus Daly?

I wonder if Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle is serious about ending his political career when he terms out? I have heard a few chismes that he might run for the supervisorial seat that will be eventually vacated by Chris Norby. A Pringle versus Tom Daly battle would be something! I imagine that would chill things between the local red and blue blogs. Their respective bloggers will surely line up behind their guys. I think I would have to go with Daly over Pringle, but too bad there are no Latino candidates lining up for a supervisorial district that supposedly has a majority of Latino voters, although by a slim margin…

Greedy Fair Board Directors suck up free OC Fair Concert tickets

The O.C. Register is reporting that OC GOP Lincoln Club member Dale Dykema and his fellow Reep, David Padilla, along with former Fair Board Director Debbie Carona (yes, that Carona) all took thousands of dollars in free concert tickets for hot shows at the O.C. Fair.

Padilla is also a member of the O.C. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, which is pretty funny as he is NOT in any way culturally hip to Latinos. He doesn’t speak Spanish, he is beyond guero, and he is allied with seriously unhinged anti-Mexican Republicans. But he loves those free fair tickets. In fairness to Padilla, apparently he has donated his tickets to charity. But when you consider that Van Tran thinks the Santa Ana CRA is a charity, you have to wonder what sort of charities Padilla is supporting.

The rub for locals is that the actions of the OC Fair Directors have made the concert tickets MORE expensive and have reduced the number of seats available to paying clients. I hope the state, which is investigating this corrupt bunch, cuts off their revenue, which they are threatening to do…

BTW, Dykema’s birthday is tomorrow. But it sounds like he does not deserve any regalos.

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