The Baron of Arizona!!!

Vincent Price was a well known 40’s and 50’s actor….best known for “House of Wax”
and “House of Blood”….but not really known for this prize as an actor in “The Baron
of Arizona”! If you can find it…(1950)it was a fabulous movie all about “La Raza” and how his marriage to an “iffy” Spanish Land Grant lady…entitled him to all the land in Arizona and New Mexico! James West (aka – Robert Conrad as James T. West with Ross Martin as Artemus Gordon) weren’t around….so, no one was able to pull a Miguelito Lovelace moment on Price! It was in the end….the people…who had to rise up – along with one honest bureaucrat!

Much like the “Blogs” of today…..the people have to speak to make things happen too
many times when politicians are frozen in space or have fallen on their own swords with special interest campaign funds. It is with great pride that we recognize that our OC Blog has been party to and nailed a variety of wrong doing, iffy questions, as well as bad decision making and even bad conduct. Let us hope that this type of strategy continues unabated. We particularly love the new bloggers coming on board. They seem to have energy, intelligence and spunk! All great qualities that inspire those of us that have been cranking away for the last few years. While we cannot continue to slap ourselves on the back forever…we do appreciate their efforts and the desire to fix things…that need fixing!

OK, let’s get to the point…..Gavin Newsome and Jerry Brown (the younger)..seem
to have thrown down their gauntlets for the leadership of the State of California
when “Arnold the Great” goes out on term limits…what in 2010? Gavin Newsome in
fact seems to already started talking like Barbara Boxer…rather than Bob Mullholland! Hmmm. Scary proposition…that someone that liberal could touch the
skirt of California’s highest office! Jerry Brown is another issue. Who cannot like
Jerry Brown? He even supported Arnold against Gray Davis during the Recall!! Good
Grief Charley Brown……kick this football…with ya? Should we really even
mention Tony Villa….who has alienated every decent Latina in California with his
“hell bent for leather” public approval of his “mistress of note”! It is still hard
to believe any Latino would not know or understand the consequences of public disgorgement! In any event, remember the old CA Attorney General Lockyer? Well,
nobody else does either. He is stale as yesterday’s mail! But what about those
Republican’s? McClintock, Jones and who else? Why does it seem that the Republicans always want to be on the outs? Hey, we got Arnold and then what? HE becomes a Liberal Democrat in front of our very eyes! The last real Republican Governor of California was…..was…..was……you guessed it: Ronald Reagan…and even he voted for a big Tax Increase! What are you goin do? How about Tom Selleck? Yes, Tom is our choice…but the Republican bigwigs aren’t about to step up to the plate and grab our main man…..not without a whole bunch of promises!

Maybe Tom Selleck can take the role of Vincent Price and become the new Baron of California! Mel Gibson seems to drink too much….Stallone sounds too much like a
New Yorker. Face it….the Republicans will have a tough time finding a suitable candidate to challenge either Newsome or Brown! Maybe football star Jim Brown
will run. We haven’t had a black Governor of California yet…have we?

So, those daring and unafraid….state your case…either party or Independent:
Name your candidate of choice for the next Governor (Baron) of California!

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