Supervisor Nguyen picks up support of OC GOP Endorsement Committee

Red County is reporting that the OC GOP Endorsement Committee has voted 5-1 to recommend Supervisor Janet Nguyen’s endorsement by the full OC GOP Central Committee. Mike Schroeder was the lone dumbass who voted “no.” Good. I doubt Janet wanted his slimy vote.

Meanwhile Blue County hack Sean Mill continued his unwarranted attacks on Supervisor Nguyen. This time he ripped her for not condemning the Trannies who continue to protest against the Nguoi Viet Daily News.

It is ironic that Mill and the other bloggers at Liberal OC NEVER rip Assemblyman Van Tran, who is anti-Mexican, anti-gay, etc. Instead Mill keeps attacking Supervisor Nguyen, even though she has been an exemplary Supervisor. Maybe Mill didn’t get the memo? None of the local Latino elected officials are supporting Hoa Van Tran, one of two Trannies running against Supervisor Nguyen. So why does Mill keep ripping Supervisor Nguyen.

I think that Mill is, once again, carrying water for the hated Santa Ana Clowncilwoman, Claudia Alvarez. It is a fact that Alvarez hates anyone that might be a potential competitor, and obviously she has it in for Supervisor Nguyen. So Mill, ever the attack dog for Alvarez and her other Clowncil members, is sent out to rip Supervisor Nguyen.

What a joke! The fact is, Supervisor Nguyen is NOT involved in these protests and she has told me on more than one occasion that she is NOT supporting the protesters. Moreover, it is a fact that Trannies including Westminster Councilman Andy Quach and Garden Grove Councilwoman Dina Nguyen regularly protest at local colleges that dare to display the real flag of Vietnam. It is a hallmark of the Trannies to protest against free speech, whether it be a newspaper or a college flag display.

The real question is why does Mill keep on giving a free pass to Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido and his City Clowncil? Why is Mill so concerned about Little Saigon while he overlooks the banality and outright stupidity of the Pulido gang? Will Mill ever rise above partisan hackery? I doubt it.

As for Supervisor Nguyen, the fact is she is steamrolling to victory over Hoa Van Tran and Dina Nguyen. There is nothing that Mike Schroeder, Sean Mill or Tim Whitacre can do about that. Once Supervisor Nguyen is safely reelected, I expect she will turn her attention to dealing with these harpies and their allies once and for all. I will enjoy reporting that!

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