Should the SAUSD raise our taxes again in June?

The Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) is trying to raise our property taxes again this June. This is the same school district that blew millions of dollars last time we passed a school bond. The same school district with a worse record than Los Angeles Unified. SAUSD has lost millions of dollars in the last few years to fraud, corruption and constant ineptitude. So why should we vote for another bond? I say vote the bums off the SAUSD school board and fire inexperienced and overpaid SAUSD Superintendent Jane Russo!

Moreover, there are a umber of other school districts in Orange County that have suffered a reduction in enrollment, but have cut less teachers than Santa Ana has. Why is that? Only one answer will do – SAUSD is suffering from MISMANAGEMENT. You won’t cure that with another bond.

Here is another issue to consider. Mike Vail, who works in planning for the SAUSD, is the guy who utterly screwed up with the construction budget, according to an insider, during the construction that took place after the first bond. I am told he was off on one project by over double! He left the district after that, but guess what? They hired him back! Now he is waiting eagerly to screw up again should we be dumb enough to pass another school bond.

Now why does the SAUSD need another bond when they are closing schools, delaying the opening of schools, firing teachers and enrollment keeps going down? It doesn’t make sense. Why aren’t they doing something about our awful graduation rates? I hear that almost 60% of SAUSD students end up dropping out. Good grief – no wonder we have a crime problem in Santa Ana!

Now you too can weigh in on this useless and unnecessary bond. Go to this link and you can vote on whether the SAUSD should raise our taxes again in June. Vote No on Measure G on June 3!

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