Orange County politicians also stuck taxpayers with their food bill, at the O.C. Fair

A couple weeks ago I revealed the names of the politicians and their sycophants who accepted “free” Orange County Fair concert tickets. According to the O.C. Register the value of these tickets was $376,000 over the last two years.

The Register revealed this week that the concert ticket fiasco was just the tip of the iceberg. The O.C. Fair Board also “spent $399,000 during the past five fairs on nightly catered meals for themselves and their invited guests, invoices from the fairgrounds show.”

The same people that took those concert tickets ate high on the hog, on food that cost about $20 a plate. Nice. Guess who got stuck with the tab? That’s right. The taxpayers. You can read the receipts for the meals we paid for at this link.

“State auditors have twice warned that the catered meals, free concert tickets, complimentary fair admissions and other promotions have surpassed the limit imposed by state law and could be viewed as a gift of public funds,” according to the Register.

That these politicians will most likely get away with what they did just makes me sick. No wonder Red County doesn’t list our blog on their web links. Their publisher, Scott Graves, and editor, Matt Cunningham, were on the list, or in the case of Cunningham have admitted that they took the concert tickets. I wonder if they also pigged out at our expense?


A reader asked us to list the current Orange County Fair Board members. So here they are:

Dale Dykema, President, Orange
Member, Orange County Lincoln Club and Republicans for a New Majority
Dale Dykema started TD Service Company in 1964 with the idea of providing effective foreclosure services to the mortgage industry. Dale’s idea caught on as he grew the company to what today has become one of the nation’s largest and most successful trustee firms. TD Service Financial Corporation is the parent of TD Service Company, TD Service Company of Arizona, TD Service Company of Washington and Trustee’s Assistance Corporation.

Julie Vandermost, Vice President. Laguna Niguel
Owner of Vandermost Consulting Service, Inc., specializing in environmental regulatory permitting related to


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