Obama Endorses Orange Juice!

This happened Thursday:

“Would you like some coffee?” a waitress asked Sen. Barack Obama at a small diner in Indiana this morning.

“Nope,” he responded. “Give me some Orange Juice.”

And this was not an isolated occurrence. From Reuters:

…Talking to Obama over Orange Juice at the Sunrise Cafe in South Bend, Indiana, Kline told of being laid off from his job of nearly 40 years at a foundry…

What can I say, it is indeed a high honor for our little local blog to be endorsed by a Presidential candidate, someone who very well may be leading the Free World in less than a year. In a way we should have seen this endorsement coming: Not only have Art and I been outspoken Obama backers for months (myself since Edwards dropped out), Sarah seems to be slowly transmuting into an Obama girl too, the way a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. But I think what really won the Senator over was the playful Photoshop homage Thomas and Larry paid to him a week or two ago, holding the phone receiver upside-down, an obvious attempt (in their clumsy but lovable Republican way) to humanize the candidate, to make him less frighteningly perfect:

Thank you, Thomas and Larry! And above all, thank you Senator Obama! We at the Orange Juice will try to make you proud!

¡Sí se puede!

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