Minuteman’s appointment over in Santa Ana!

Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido has finally buckled down to the pressure we have been exerting on him over the last year. Monday’s Santa Ana City Council meeting agenda includes the appointment of a Michael Nguyen to replace Minuteman Lupe Moreno on the Public Library Board. It’s about time Pulido! What took you so long?

It is ironic that Moreno is being replaced by a minority, but I don’t know this Michael Nguyen character. If he is associated with Assemblyman Van Tran, chances are he has the same views towards Mexicans as Moreno does. This certainly bears further scrutiny.

But that’s not all. Also on the agenda is a move that might mark the beginning of the end for Councilwoman Michele Martinez. An unintended consequence of the passage of Measure D was the fact that former Council members can now run for a third term. On Monday one of them, Lisa Bist, is going to be appointed to the Housing and Redevelopment Commission. Don’t be surprised if Bist, who is an ally of Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez, runs against Martinez in two years.

Martinez has recently given up the revolution and is now siding with Pulido and Alvarez on just about everything. This move to put Bist on an important commission will only drive her further in that direction. However, Martinez stands to lose community support if she keeps that up. It will be interesting to see how she votes on the Bist appointment and what she does thereafter to keep her profile up.

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