Is obesity the biggest problem in Santa Ana?

Is obesity the biggest problem in Santa Ana? Our City Clowncil appears to think so. On Monday night, at their Clowncil meeting, they spent half an hour talking about obesity, according to several pajaritos, but they utterly IGNORED the gang war that recently took the life of a 39 year old father and business owner, as he was killed in his front yard, in front of his kids, after getting caught in a gang crossfire.

How can this be? How can our City Clowncil be so completely asleep at the wheel? And lack so much compassion that they are unable to even recognize the tragedy and honor the murdered father with a few words?

Instead they are crying about obesity? Are you kidding me? Did we elect this Clowncil to look after our public health? Don’t we have a County public health department to do that? Didn’t we elect the Clowncil to go after crime, to fix our streets, etc.? It would appear that, in an election year, they don’t want to talk about the real problems in our city. Instead they want to talk about obesity.

Considering some of the people who sit on our Clowncil, you would think the last thing they would want to talk about is their eating habits. But they rather do that than fess up to the REAL problems in our city.

Besides, if this Clowncil would build more parks, perhaps kids would exercise more? Instead they keep on approving more construction, including a 33 story luxury condo tower that is going to the Planning Commission soon. But no parks.

Obesity may indeed be a problem in this town, but it is NOT the biggest problem we are facing, not by a long shot. It is a red herring that the Clowncil wants us to focus on so we won’t think about the REAL problems in our city. Shame on the Clowncil for purposefully missing the point while evading the gang war in our city.

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