Hillary and the Credit Markets

Hillary really kicked butt in the Keystone State last night. She really nailed old
Obama’s backside. She really put the hard wood to that boy! Hillary is the Queen
Bee…with a bee in her bonnet after that huge win!

OK…..enough already! If you haven’t had enough self flagellation on CNN, Fox News
or MSNBC…..get a Tivo and do a continuous loop! We can’t stand it. The people of
Pennsylvania have spoken: “We are racists!” “We want to wear those pointy white
hats!” “We are looking for lawn chairs for a place to put our white cross…to light
on fire!” OK, OK…..maybe we are over reacting. OK, OK….maybe we can’t believe
that these people are still buying off on that Hilly and Billy rhetoric….that wore
thin with us right after WACO!

Let’s get back to reality for a moment. The cost for a barrel of oil yesterday
nearly hit $120 bucks. Right on track for that $140 a barrel suggested retail price
they are talking for June 2008! In the meantime, banks in the US and around the world are staged for the biggest self implosion since the Sands Hotel in Vegas!
The word is out that not only did “those bad bankers” hand out easy to get loans to
people with bad credit for buying homes….but worse…they lent money to developers,
renegotiated home equity and commercial loans and others that are now either unable
or unwilling to pay back much of anything! The buzz on the street is that people like CITIBANK and Bank of America…..are taking sizable hits and may either have to
merge or burn! Who knows, these are “iffy times”! As we look around…we see lots
of places for rent. Those places for sale…..are basically being sold by individual
owners….considering that Orange County is still Redlined….and no bank or big financial institution can touch us right now. “Too hot…too volatile!” is the word.

How about State Government? Ooops! Ask Arnold….the word is $14 Billion dollars
short is the starting point. They need about $7 Billion just to fix the Prison System and that part of the Health care we are supposed to provide. How about Orange
County? Pretty quiet isn’t it? Like people walking on eggshells when it comes to
what shortages may be appearing on the horizon or what 2009 might really look like
to the average citizen. How about the prospects of a new Sheriff? 47 applied…two
or three have a chance of making it into “Final Jeopardy”. Whoever gets this job
maybe sorry they took it after they see what kind of budget they will have to work
with and what kind of Union Contract and Pension Obligation….a totally disgruntled workforce may be looking at. Ah, but who knows…until that happens? Maybe the Car
Dealer from Cincinnati will get the job! Just kidding…no Car Dealer so far has
offered their services as Sheriff of Orange County…just yet. But as they say: “Hey
it’s still early!”

Finally, what about those City Budgets? Uh oh, Tony V…from LA is sounding more like an upscale Jimmy Carter….all the time. Martin Luther King Jr./Drew Medical Center is probably never going to open again…the system is shot! The School System
is a mess…..City Services are going to be requiring huge price hikes! Again, here in Orange County…the sound of people walking on eggshells!

So lets recap: The credit markets are still collapsing. Hillary kicked Obama’s butt in Pennsylvania. Real Estate prices are still falling like a stone! The cost
of Gasoline may now hit $5 to $6 bucks a gallon by the end of June. Most banks we
are familiar with….may be victims of merges or acquisitions by European or China
Banks soon!

Other than that…..We are hopeful that North Carolina and Indiana will put their
KKK suits away in the closet and vote for Obama! Additionally, we suggest not watching any cable news until after these elections! Also, did everyone know that
we have June Election? Prop. 98 vs. Prop. 99! By the way….have you heard that
John McCain….says he is still a Republican?

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