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When our “friends” over at the Liberal OC blog recently asked their readers if they should keep our blog feed on their RSS Launching Pad, an overwhelming majority said yes. In the wake of the brouhaha that broke out thereafter, which some referred to as a “blog war,” I crafted a truce with the editors at the Liberal OC. I asked my bloggers to no longer make reference to any of the bloggers at the Liberal OC, in a negative way. The bloggers at the Liberal OC agreed to do the same.

But the truce did not hold long. They put up a spoof post on April 18, complete with our logo. I disregarded it as it was satire. But then today our RSS feed was gone from the Liberal OC Launching Pad, and in its place was a link to a citrus grower’s site. I guess that’s that.

Obviously the folks at the Liberal OC have a right to run their blog as it pleases them. We will continue to offer a link to their blog on our blog links. We don’t have RSS feeds, but we plan to add them in the future when we redo our site, which is coming soon, hopefully.

Why is Liberal OC having such issues with us? Beats me. Thin skin? Maybe. Most likely they are just upset because we don’t hold back on reporting what the area Democrats are up to. To be fair, we do the same to area Republicans. And my blog team includes a fairly even split of Republicans and Democrats.

If you are looking for a website that chronicles all of the local blogs feeds, look no further than Blognetnews. They provide a great service in that they automatically list all the stories being put up by all the top blogs in California. And you can filter the output to display only the blogs you like to read. And they have a lot of fun features, such as blog rankings, hot comments, most clicked, most active, etc. I start my day with them and check their site out throughout the day. The best part is that Blognetnews does not play games as to whom they decide to list.

The irony of all this is that we had this happen to us once before when Matt/Jubal Cunningham got mad and took our link off the links at the OC Blog, before it morphed into Red County, which no longer refers readers to any other blogs. And after he dumped us, guess what? It did not hurt our numbers one bit.

Currently, according to our Sitemeter program, the Liberal OC contributes 6.5% of our referrals. Google’s Analytics program tells me that they contribute 6.9% of our new readers. So we will survive being de-listed by the Liberal OC. And no, I am not upset about this. Somewhat surprised but not upset. We have plenty of other referral sources and good relationships with all of the local media. And we hit the AP wire more than once in the last year.

As always, we appreciate all of our readers and thank you for visiting the Orange Juice blog.

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