Didn’t we vote to legalize medicinal marijuana?

Didn’t California’s voters pass Prop. 215 a few years ago, making medicinal marijuana use legal? You would not know that if you live in Orange, where Nature’s Wellness Collective was recently raided by cops, who stole their inventory of medicinal marijuana.

“Bob Adams, owner of the dispensary on 830 E. Lincoln Ave., said Drug Enforcement Agency agents toting AK-47 automatic rifles raided the facility March 4. Adams, 44, said his marijuana was confiscated and he was detained and taken to the DEA offices in Santa Ana, where he was questioned for three hours and then released. No charges were filed against him,” according to the O.C. Register.

Why did these DEA cops need automatic rifles? And if Adams was such a criminal, why were charges not filed? And why did the City of Orange give him a business license when city officials knew that he was going to sell pot?

The O.C. Register is running a poll asking whether marijuana should be legal and 71% of the responses say that it should be legal for all uses, while 16% say it should be used medicinally only and 12% say it should not be legal.

I don’t support recreational use of marijuana. Studies show that it can have many negative affects on users. But I wholeheartedly support medicinal use of marijuana. That is how most of us voted a few years ago. Shame on the feds for disrespecting our wishes! I hope that will change when Senator Barack Obama becomes our next President.

You can learn more about medicinal marijuana use at this link.

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