Bisno finally sells half of City Place condos, will "celebrate" tonight

I received an invitation to a party at the City Place condos over in north Santa Ana. Apparently the developer, Robert Bisno, has finally sold half of his condos, after over two years of attempts to get rid of these overpriced units.

Here is what the City Place invitation has to say:

With over half of the Lofts at City Place sold, it’s a great time to celebrate! Because of your interest in City Place we would love to extend this exclusive invitation to you! Please join us for food and drinks! This is also a great time to visit some of our newest loft boutique shops. Harvey’s, Hannah Bean, InStyle, Lucky Owl and Christopher James Interiors are just a few places you won’t want to miss as you stroll along City Place Drive. Spend the evening experiencing City Place…

All I can say is good luck getting rid of the rest of these units. Bisno might need more human signs before that happens (see picture above).

You would think that Bisno by now has figured out that there is not a market for luxury condos in Santa Ana. But his planned 33 story luxury condo tower is headed for the Santa Ana Planning Commission. Bisno gave over $40,000 to the recent Measure D campaign, whose sole purpose was to give Santa Ana Clowncilwoman Claudia Alvarez four more years on the Council. Even if Planning somehow does not roll over for Bisno, expect Alvarez, Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, and Clowncilman Sal Tinajero to do Bisno’s bidding on the Santa Ana City Council, which can overrule the Planning Commission.

Will it be ethical for these Clowncilmembers to vote for the Bisno Tower even though all three of them were heavily involved in the Measure D campaign? You may recall that Pulido and Tinajero signed the Measure D ballot statement and Pulido appeared on many of the mailers for the deceitful measure, which ironically promised a Code of Conduct for elected and appointed officials. The alleged Code has yet to make its debut, but surely the Clowncilmembers are plotting to support Bisno’s Tower, which is quite unethical of them. Does anyone really think that Bisno would have given so much money to Measure D if the votes for his tower were not already in the bag? Don’t forget that the Measure D campaign was run out of Alvarez’ home!

The sad thing is that the Bisno Tower is going to absolutely ruin traffic in the Park Santiago neighborhood. Already it is very difficult to navigate Main St. during rush hour. Now I realize that Bisno is going to have a hell of a time selling the overpriced condos in his tower, but if he does somehow do so, traffic on Main St. is going to be a complete nightmare. And the shadow cast by the Bisno Tower will be a permanent reminder to the residents in that area of the unethical Clowncil we are all burdened with.

If you want to visit the City Place party this evening, it will be held at the City Place Loft Model, located at 115 City Place Drive, Santa Ana. The party will be tonight, Wednesday, April 9, from 5:30PM to 8:00PM. You call call 714-953-1353 if you want to RSVP. I imagine several of the Clowncil members will be there. It is believed that most of them frequently visit the McCormick & Schmick

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