When is a Mayor not a Mayor?

There are only four Mayors in Orange County who are directly elected. They include Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle and Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido. The rest are either selected by rotation amongst City Council members or by appointment by those same Council members. It is common for Mayors to use their title of “Mayor” when they run for other offices. Now, GOP hack Michael Schroeder is suing Debbie Cook, the Mayor of Huntington Beach, because she used her title of “Mayor” on the ballot as a candidate against GOP Congressman Dana Rohrabacher.

The unintended consequence of Schroeder’s frivolous lawsuit is that it is going to screw his fellow Republicans. On the ballot right now are several Reeps running as “Mayors,” including Jeff Miller and Neal Blais in the 71st Assembly District. Were they both directly elected Mayors? I doubt it.

Schroeder has a nasty habit of suing women in politics, or being involved in the lawsuits against them. These include Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, former state legislator Lynn Daucher, Supervisor Janet Nguyen and now Huntington Beach Mayor Debbie Cook.

I wonder if Schroeder is just upset because of the lady he is married to (see picture above)? I saw a picture of Mrs. Schroeder in the O.C. Register this Sunday, where she penned a ridiculous opinion piece. She looked like an Asian version of Tammy Faye Baker. Not a good look to say the least. So perhaps Mikey is just a frustrated guy?

Who knows? I do know this, Mikey’s lawsuit against Cook is cr*p. He ought to be ashamed of himself.


Conservative Republican activist Mark Bucher, who is a member of the OC GOP Central Committee, wrote an interesting post over at Red County where he slammed the lawsuit against Debby Cook. Bucher supports Rohrabacher, which is no surprise, but his spirited argument against the lawsuit is worth scrutinizing. Here is an excerpt from the Red County post:

Assuming Cook prevails, because the suit was brought by Carlson, and his attorneys Mike Schroeder and Steve Baric, all prominent Republicans with ties to Rohrabacher, Cook will score the first win of this election and gain the aura of being a giant slayer.

Even if she loses and is forced to change her designation, she will have gained stature simply because of the battle. The perception in the mind of the average voter will be that the Republican Party and Congressman Rohrabacher are bullies.

I recoil against the win at all costs mentality that we often get caught up with in politics. It is easy to win the battle and lose the war. Particularly because in elections, what you are really fighting for is the hearts and minds of the voter.

Not every fight is worth fighting. This one is a mistake.

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